At birth Shane was diagnosed with the physical disability defined as ‘Cerebral Palsy’ and was deemed by his doctor,  ”to have a life in care”.   His family however dismissed that verdict and began building a life with dreams of success and ambition.  All through his development Shane was taught to view his disability as a personality trait instead of a burden.

At the end of High School,  a significant event occured in Shane’s life,  where The Board of Secondary School Studies granted him the opportunity to obtain an Overall Position (OP) and gain full graduation,  based on four board subjects instead of five.   Shane had been one of the first persons with a disability to accomplish such a feat and set the benchmark for future students.

In the process of completing his Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Queensland,  Shane gained a variety of part-time positions in the field of disability.

Shane was a guest lecturer at the Logan City Special School,  where he presented a talk on ‘Correct Ways to encourage a Physically Impaired Student’.  He also spent two weeks at the Logan City Special School as an Advisory Visiting Teachers’ Assistant.  Shane has volunteered at the Beenleigh District Community Development Association where his duties included co-facilitating the ‘activities group’ (a mental health group),  and the multicultural group.  Shane enjoyed co-facilitating a self-esteem group for the Cerebral Palsy League.

Shane’s first social work placement was with Kyabra Community Association Inc. where he gained great experience on their Disability Services and Child & Youth Services Teams.  Shane developed his skills further when he planned and implemented a Siblings Support Group.  Shane advances his counselling skills even more by participating in a St. Lukes Strengths-Based Counselling Workshop.

Shane’s second social work placement was spent with Disability Services Queensland (DSQ),  South Coast Regional Office.  The role allowed Shane to learn about various funding policies and procedures that make an impact on people with disabilities.  Shane also assisted unfunded clients to locate alternative services,  and he cotributed to a community profile project,  all while being an active member of the South Coast Region Community Resource Team,  and the Beenleigh Area Family Support Team.

In 2002 Shane was presented with a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship that enabled him to spend 10 months at Florida State University,  U.S.A.  The scholarship gave Shane the chance to speak at over 50 Rotary clubs,  both here in Australia and overseas. In his speeches Shane places large emphasis on equality for people with a disability and the importance of people with disabilities having fulfiling lives in their communities.

Since 2004 Shane has been working in the disability field.  Shane has gained extensive experience in government,  community and private organisations / services.

Outside of work, Shane enjoys catching up with friends and family, listening to music and travelling the world.