Access Counselling and Social Work Services

  • Offering Strengths-Based Counselling and Social Work for children and adults who have Disabilities (Family Members/Carers included).
  • Offering Keynote Speeches,  Educational/Motivational Lectures and Workshops to Universities, Community Groups, Organisations and Schools.  Speeches can be adapted according to the target audience.
  • Offering Supervision Services for staff in the Disability Field.  Shane is happy to travel to staff in order to fulfil their supervision needs.

Shane travels to people’s places of residency for the counselling services.  Areas covered include:  All suburbs from east, south and west of Brisbane, Gold Coast.

For Key note/lecturing/workshop engagements ACS travels statewide in Queensland and would be open to interstate and international opportunities.

“An optimist is a person who sees only the lights in the picture,  whereas a pessimist sees only the shadows.   An idealist,  however,  is one who sees the light and the shadows,  but in addition sees something else:  the possibility of changing the picture,  of making the lights prevail over the shadows.”

A.C.S. Services Include:

  • Individual counselling/planning
  • Family counselling/planning
  • Social work services
  • Group work
  • Assistance to professional staff
  • Supervision
  • Consultation
  • Key Note /education/motivational lecturing/workshops
  • Report Writing
Access Counselling Services receives no funding.  Some people using the service have access to individualised funding.  However, Shane is committed to ensuring non-funded pensioners or those on low incomes are able to access the service.